This Couple’s Bridgerton-Vibes Wedding Was Simply Stunning

Although Claudia Labelle and Alexander Campbell only started dating in May 2018, their dating debut began four years before their first date. They were created by their mutual friend Anastasia, whom Alex had known since elementary school, and Claudia met at work. “In the summer of 2014, Anastasia told me she knew the perfect guy for me,” says Claudia. “He was about to move to France for his master’s degree, and since I had already had a long-distance relationship, I didn’t want to pursue another one. I told him that if he is single when he comes back to Montreal, I would be happy to meet him then!

Claudia and Alexander’s rings were made by Montreal jeweler Maidor. Photo: Geneviève Giguère Photography

Alexander returned, was indeed single, and Anastasia then played matchmaker for her two friends. “I had just returned from a business trip to New York when I received a text from Ana telling me that Alex was back from France,” says Claudia. “He had tickets for a play the next day and thought of inviting me,” says Claudia. “I said yes, and we met at the restaurant Philemon Bar in Old Montreal before the play. We shared wine and food, then headed to the Centaur Theater to see Michel Tremblay’s most amazing adaptation. Hosanna. It was the perfect date.

“There’s a lovely wooded area behind my parents’ house that was incredibly perfect for wedding photos,” Claudia says. Photo: Geneviève Giguère Photography.

Claudia says that from the night of their first date, their relationship evolved quickly and beautifully. “We always followed our hearts and spoke openly about ourselves and our plans together,” she says. After six months, Alex and his dog, Flora, moved in with Claudia; two years later, Alex proposed after a leisurely river kayak and picnic at a waterfall; and a year later they said “yes”, in September 2021.

Montreal florist Prunes Les Fleurs created the flowers for their day. “The arrangements were very romantic and rustic, and there were gorgeous pops of color in my bouquet that I particularly loved,” Claudia says. Photo: Geneviève Giguère Photography

Although they married in the era of micro-weddings, an intimate celebration with only parents, siblings and closest friends has always been the couple’s wedding plan – they only hosted 35 guests. The venue was Claudia’s parents’ garden, which they gave a dream setting for a garden party. “Setting up our party was a very special moment for us,” says Claudia. “We were both very involved in the planning from the start, and we had a clear vision in mind.”

The day’s color palette was soft and warm, with accents of off-white, green, and pops of pastel blue and pink. The ambience was luxurious, romantic and rustic, with touches of dark wood contrasting with the softness of the flowers and decor. “Actually, my dress was really the inspiration for the look and feel of the day,” Claudia explains. “I bought her a month after the marriage proposal and was totally inspired by her Regency era style. The empire waistline and delicate floral print on my dress was totally Bridgeton-worthy!”

Claudia’s Regency-inspired wedding dress served as the style inspiration for the couple’s day. Photo: Geneviève Giguère Photography

Their ceremony was presided over by Claudia’s best friend of more than 20 years, and the couple married in a small park just behind Claudia’s parents’ house. “During our wedding, we talked a lot about what was the most important part of the day for us, and that was our exchange of vows,” says Claudia. “A marriage lasts a day, but a marriage lasts a lifetime; this moment is the purest expression of our deep love and commitment to each other, shared in front of the people we love the most.

“We spent almost half of our relationship in the context of the pandemic,” says Claudia. “And although it was not an easy situation to manage, it really brought us closer. we share the same values ​​and cherish our relationship dearly. Photo: Geneviève Giguère Photography

Another part of their wedding celebration that was very important to the couple: the fantastic food and wine. As home cooking and restaurant enthusiasts, Claudia says it’s essential that their guests enjoy a delicious meal and drink amazing wine at their party. “We opted for a cocktail because we wanted it to be different and festive,” explains Claudia. “There was no formal seating, but enough seating for everyone to sit down and enjoy their meal. Alex is the co-founder of a private wine import company called Deux Caves, so we had access to organic wines from France, Spain and Italy. Our caterer was also a friend and absolutely brought our vision to life! We subsequently hear from so many guests how amazing our menu was – we totally accomplished our gastronomic mission! »

The couple emphasized amazing food and drink on their wedding day and treated guests to a taste of all their favorite things. Photo: Geneviève Giguère Photography

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Select Claudia and Alexander’s big day stars.

Photo: Geneviève Giguère Photography

The dress

“My dress was a reflection of our romantic, vintage and rustic wedding style,” Claudia explains. “The wedding dress I chose was not white, and it caused a sensation! I loved how classic, elegant and romantic it was. This was the exact vision I had for our wedding day. As I love to shop online, it made sense to search for “the one” online, rather than going shopping for wedding dresses, which was also not possible due to COVID. My dress was the first and only dress I’ve ever tried on, and it was love the first time!

Photo: Geneviève Giguère Photography

The cake

“When it came to wedding planning, we were both on the same page about absolutely everything except the cake,” Claudia says. “At first we didn’t even care much about having a cake, then for some reason it became Alex’s passion project and absolute obsession! He started drawing cake models, by calculating the size of each layer, the combination of flavors to favor. wow our guests with something they had never tasted before. Extremely talented baker and nutrition coach Megan Adshade brought our vision to life: a two-tier pistachio naked cake with plum and fig compote, alternating ganache and ricotta filling and a praline base with the pistachio.

Photo: Geneviève Giguère Photography

The first look

“There was something heartwarming and so special about seeing each other alone, sharing this moment and figuring it all out together. Everyone told us to try to enjoy marriage to the fullest and not be so stuck in our head. And the first look really made us live the moment and made us want to celebrate with our friends and family even more.

Claudia and Alexander’s Wedding Directory

Wedding dress: Brock-Collection
Bridal shoes: Saint Laurent (vintage)
Earings: Simone Rocha
Groom’s suit: costume supply
Groom’s shirt and bow tie: Harry Rosen
Groom’s shoes: Aldo
Hair: Caroline Coser, Pure Lounge
Reconcile: Virginia Vandelac
Wedding rings: Maidor
Flowers: Prunes Flowers
Restoration: Robert-Alexis Caterer
Cake: Megan Adshade, PeachyMTL
Photographer: Geneviève Giguère Photography
Wedding Planner: Allison Forbes, Within reason

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