The trendiest women’s shoulder bags to own now

For the utmost convenience, nothing beats shoulder bags. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our top picks of the trendiest women’s shoulder bags.

Fashion trends keep coming back and one of those popular throwbacks is the slightly more edgy version of 90s fanny packs – crossbody bags. They’re chic, small, yet roomy enough to carry all the essentials on the go. It’s a bit like a handbag but lighter and smaller. Many travelers prefer shoulder bags to small backpacks, due to their practicality and stylishness.

That said, you can’t ignore functionality for looks. When choosing shoulder bags for women, you need to see if they perfectly match your needs. If you travel often, you need something that’s easy to carry and has enough space to hold your necessities. Shoulder straps are a perfect choice for travelers because they are very portable and lightweight. Be sure to check the pockets as you might need them to keep your medicine, keys, cash and skin care products.

However, if you need a shoulder bag for occasional purposes like a brunch outing or a regular day out, you may have a different checklist; for example, a small bag. A small shoulder bag housing a main compartment and an inside pocket is ideal for such occasions. If you like colors, go for something beyond the usual beige, brown or black.

Unless you have a lot to carry, you can also consider carrying shoulder bags to work. You see, shoulder bags are super versatile, which is why they are widely preferred. The market is flooded with different styles of these bags and sometimes you might feel lost among so many choices. To help you choose the right bag, we’ve created a comprehensive list of bags made by trusted brands.

Choose from the best shoulder bags for women:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Which brand is the best for shoulder bags?

Answer: Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade and Lacoste are best known for their shoulder bags. The list mentioned above also contains several other brands worth checking out.

Question: Are shoulder bags fashionable?

Answer: A big yes! Shoulder bags are much preferred by the modern generation for their versatility. Neither too small nor too big, shoulder bags are practical enough to hold all your essentials in place. Also, they mostly come in contemporary designs making them suitable for any outfit or look.

Question: Which shoulder bag is in fashion?

Answer: Shoulder and shoulder bags are the ones that are currently in fashion.

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