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Rail service to Pottstown ended 41 years ago, and the borough is unlikely to own the station property. Guess he should have been left vacant for 41 years in hopes of a return of service. The Mercury (a private company) moved out of its building in 2018. The borough does not own the property. What does this have to do with borough council decisions?

A big thumbs up to Evan Brandt’s article on the Sunday front page, Learning to Adapt. A great article on how we have adapted over the past two years.


Kamala Harris hits the road to tell everyone about Biden’s list of successes over the past 14 months. She can probably excel in this area. There is nothing to say.

Jim Atlas

What does it mean when 75% of Democrats polled believed the Russian collusion hoax and, according to Pew Research, they are 2x more likely than Republicans to suffer from mental illness? Those unconnected to reality are ideal candidates to be manipulated by parties that “never let a crisis go to waste” be the subject of climate change, police defunding, a virus, Ukraine or any agenda item preceded by the word “equitable”.

Mr. Furlong

An anonymous message from Sunday Sound Off claims that Trump’s border wall has been breached 3,000 times. wow! Since Biden became president, our border with Mexico has been violated approximately 2 million times by illegal immigrants. They didn’t use a saw. All, just a pair of shoes and walked through. I’ll take 3,000 (if that’s even true) over 2 million every day.

Sam Tasik

I wondered how long it would be before the Democrats blame Donald Trump for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our stupid friend Lefty didn’t disappoint, as he stepped in and found Trump guilty – along with “the immoral and corrupt people who voted for him”. Moreover, he stated unequivocally: “It is a fact. I think Lefty gets his “facts” from the same curriculum that peddles CRT in our high schools.

freedom fighter

Everyone agrees that we need a well-educated population. Solution: More choices in education! Our taxes should go to the school that best meets the needs of the child; public, parochial or chartered. The parent chooses the school and taxpayers’ money goes there. Instead of the kids following the money to public school, let the money follow the child to the school that’s best for them. It is fair and just.

chuck draksler

Some claim Biden and his gatekeepers are doing a good job of aligning NATO forces against Russia. It’s laughable. NATO was formed to prevent Russian aggression. Joe Biden’s gatekeepers should have aligned countries to prevent invasion. Instead, among the first acts of Biden’s guardians in power was the lifting of the most punitive sanction against Putin and the Russian people – the sanction against Nord Stream 2. This action gave Putin the green light to invade.

Michael Stern

The last time we hired diversity for a big job, we had Kamala Harris – the most insufferable person ever. Let’s not do this again for the Supreme Court with a radical progressive child pornography advocate named Biden

Governor Wolf is expected to use a portion of the $1.7 billion in COVID relief funds to update the state’s COVID variant testing program. The Mid-Atlantic region (PA, DE, MD, VA, WV and DC) recently reported a 20.3% incidence of the latest BA.2 variant among new cases. Pa. provided a rate of 2.2%, but this was outdated data as it was four weeks old. The lack of meaningful tracking of current COVID variant data in Pennsylvania is not a new issue.

To M

Poor Lefty, still living in the past! Trump withholding anything from Ukraine was proven wrong years ago by a failed impeachment attempt. Trump has been gone for over a year now and poor Lefty blames him for the war in Ukraine! Maybe Lefty and Sleepy Joe should sit down and have a nice bowl of ice cream together! Neither need worry about having a frozen brain one day!

David F.

If a media outlet or commentator uses the phrase “Florida Don’t Say Gay Bill”, know immediately that they are lying to you! Read the text of Florida Bill 1557. Gay is not mentioned and the legislation takes no sides. It simply states that teaching about sexuality and gender identity should not be done in kindergarten through 3rd grade in Florida. It’s an easy way to identify propagandists.

Robert Minner

I’ll give credit to Joe. He is in better shape than me, physically. His cognitive abilities are lacking but he is in good shape. I see a picture of him on his bike. He reminds me of Gonzo from the Muppets with his spindly legs.

Larry de Lemerick

For all your so-called doctors prescribing Joe Biden with dementia, leave that to the real doctors. Yes, I know he has a stuttering problem that he’s had all his life. Rich Eagleville, I would like to be as sharp as Nancy Pelosi when I am her age!

Jay Miller

Joe Biden’s choice for the Supreme Court is about what you expect from an incompetent president. Ketanji Brown Jackson is known for enacting the 1619 Project. One of the basic tenets of the 1619 Project is that the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve slavery. This claim is ridiculous, but she accepts it anyway. When you have a mediocre president, you get mediocre candidates. I yearn for the days of mean tweets.

Grant W

Monday’s headline “different, but similar” was a joke. An actor gets a week in jail as he appeals a sentence of a few months and a teacher, a person who entrusts the safety of our children, also gets a few months in jail and is also absent during the appeals . Why shouldn’t this teacher be sentenced to years? And the actor after what he shot should also be years old.

No call

Politicians use their military forces to kill. It would seem that power and money are never enough for these individuals. History proves exactly what happened and what is happening.

star light

When the United States enters the war, I hope everyone will remember that all of our military equipment runs on fossil fuels. I think it would be prudent to start drilling now to deal with a gas shortage before a conflict.

Mike S

Marina Ovsyannikova, a producer at Russian state television, risked her freedom, and possibly her life, to, in effect, call Putin a liar on a live broadcast. In this country, we still have courageous politicians (“cojones”) to defend the truth. Yet people will vote for them. Why?

Watching Fox News’ “The Five” today, they could do nothing but poke fun at Dr. Fauci, the pipsqueak, “the power seller, always chasing glory, funding our enemies”, indefinitely… They are contemptible; all attitude and no facts, and some Americans believe their stink. They also interviewed Pres. Biden’s meeting with the Chinese president where he gave it his all. Were they at the meeting? Bah smoker!

Note to Joe Biden and the Democrats – you can’t sink the ship and then brag about how many lifeboats you’ve filled.

Miss! Miss

I realized that to be printed everyday in Sound Off, you needed a catchy slogan, so I’m testing a few possibilities: GOPs be rippin’ — Repugs be sippin’ — McConnell be flippin’ — Oz be pimpin’. Other suggestions are welcome.


Here’s a gem for Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, champions a theory that there is a correlation between fossil fuel extraction sites and the kidnappings and murders of Indigenous women across the United States . Further proof that you can correlate almost anything and make a fool of yourself.

Jane Batdorf

Motorcyclists who identify themselves as cyclists are now demanding to be allowed to participate in the Tour de France. Woke Progressive Democrats voiced their full support for the rule change saying – “now is the time to get rid of this offensive bias that has gone unchallenged in professional cycling for over 100 years”. Joe Biden has pledged to make it an important part of his 2024 re-election campaign platform.

The sly curator

I was just wondering. At what time in the history of the Earth did the climate not change?

jim fitch

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