NFC Ratings: Deebo Samuel, 49ers, Rams, Seahawks


49ers HC Kyle Shanahan told reporters that their relationship with WR Deebo Samuel has “always went well” and never happened in the wrong place.

“I think it’s always been good” Shanahan said, via Pro Football Talk. “I know we go through the business part of this league and things like that. But I don’t think the relationship was ever too far apart not to return to normal. And I think we’re working on that. Every time you’re away from each other for a while, it’s always harder. But it’s good to get him back here and start passing him through the guys again.

“I’m thinking of a relationship with someone, which has to do with him and me – not statements, not Instagram, not people repeating stuff,” Shanahan added. “It has to do with the words coming out of my mouth to a man and him coming back to me and nothing else. And that was never a problem with him and me.

Shanahan declined to enter into Samuel’s trade request, but indicated extension talks are underway.

“I won’t go into detail and you can ask Deebo to speak for himself on this,” Shanahan said. “But I love our relationship with Deebo and hope this helps us resolve this issue contractually before we get to the season.

  • Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer writes that the 49ers have been very careful about what they say about Samuel and have made it a point to work on the relationship.
  • He adds that he feels the selection of the third-round RB Tyrion Davis Price was partly to help prove to Samuel that they were serious about adding depth in the backfield so they wouldn’t have to rely on him taking carries between tackles.
  • Now it’s up to Samuel to give his agency the go-ahead to work on an expansion, as he hasn’t wanted to commit at all until now, according to Breer.


HC rams Sean McVay saw RT Rob Havensteinis returning to form after a disappointing 2019 season where he was hampered by injury and now sees him as a dressing room leader.

“I think he’s been exceptional the last two years” McVay said via “He has taken on a leadership role, which he really leads. When you look at when Big Whit has missed a handful of games over the past two years, Rob has seamlessly asserted himself as that leader on top of the guys we really rely on.

McVay then commented on the maturity shown by the group of incoming rookies.

“These are guys you hope will become the pros of the pros. They approach things the right way,” McVay said of the incoming draft class. “They are mature recruits, they have a good look in their eyes, they know how to get out there and go to work. They know, “Hey, I’m going to look at what these other veterans are doing and be able to emulate and emulate that, but put my own spin on it.” And these guys love football, and that’s really important. The types of players and people that we want to be able to fit in, so within those settings you can appreciate how they work and how they handle things in the classroom. And then once we get to Irvine where we can all get a much better idea of ​​when we’re playing real 11-on-11 competition in a lot of team settings, that’s when a lot of good things can come to live.”

sea ​​hawks

Young Seahawks Linebackers Cody Barton and Jordyn Brooks have big shoes to fill on a defense that has boasted some of the best players in the league over the years.

New DC Clint Hurtt and FB/LB veteran Nick Bellore commented on what Barton and Brooks bring to the defense.

“Really good in the passing game” Hurtt said of Barton, via ESPN’s Brady Henderson. “He always had a great conscience for that. He has security training growing up, and then he obviously worked his way through the box so you saw some of that stuff with his awareness and he picks up passing routes and communicating with the guys in the back. … Effort, attention to detail for Cody has always been a part of it, but now he has a great opportunity and he’s had a really great spring so far.

“We are going to play against young people” Hurtt added. “They’re going to get on the pitch. We have to prepare them. They are the future. But at the same time, we have to make sure the best players are there.

“He had an incredible season last year and he just keeps getting better, and you can see the raw talent he has,” Bellore said of Brooks. “He took the pieces, I think, from Bobby and KJ that [they] kind of taught him along the way, and I think he just took it and ran with it. I think a guy who can run like that and cover like he does and hit like he does, I think the sky is the limit for him. It’s a game where someone has to step in and fill those roles. I think we obviously have the guys to do it. These are big shoes to fill.

  • Seahawks DT Shelby Harris‘ The restructured contract converted $2 million of his $8.5 million base salary in 2023 into a roster bonus which is due on the fifth day of the 2023 league year. (Yates Estate)

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