In the streets of New York with Wale and his new Asics Villa sneakers – Footwear News

Who knew Wale was such a fashion chameleon? “As soon as we saw the first sample of his sneakers, I guessed that he would be ready to push his look in a bold direction,” said FN Fashion Director Mosha Lundström Halbert, who worked with Brookelyn Aviles, Wale’s personal stylist, to dress her in a mix of established and emerging New York menswear brands, including Ralph Lauren, Gypsy Sport and Public School.

Between shots, Wale talks about his new Asics and Villa collaboration.

Wale Ascis Gel Lyte III

Selection of shoes on location for the filming of Wale’s Footwear News.

Wale Footwear News Backstage Photoshoot

In a shoe shining station.

When he wasn’t in his own sneakers in collaboration with Asics and Villa (which caused a stir when Wale took to the streets of Manhattan for the shoot), high-end men’s editor Christian Allaire kept the seasoned rapper well shod with luxury kicks.

Although every look might have been a departure, it didn’t make it less recognizable. “He remained fairly focused, despite the chaos that ensued around us ”, Lundström Halbert said of the legions of people who pulled out their phones after seeing him doing regular activities in New York City, like shining his shoes or having ice cream in a truck.

Wale Footwear News Backstage Photoshoot

Crowds gather around Wale on the streets of New York.

Wale shoes

A selection of shoes drawn for Wale which included Paul Andrew, Alexander Wang, Pierre Hardy and Giuseppe Zanotti.

Wale also documented the experience on his Snapchat. “I’ve never had someone on Snapchat so much during the shoot – it was a first” said photographer Annie Tritt. “Wale was up to anything and ready to listen to my suggestions. He also had some great ideas himself. There were a lot of people around so we had to be creative. I like to be kept on my toes.

Wale Footwear News Backstage Photoshoot

Wale onsite outside the New York Public Library.

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