Bella Hadid on health issues, happiness and more: cover of Vogue’s April 2022 issue

In addition to Kors, Bella has done major campaigns for Fendi, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior makeup, Burberry and Versace, among others, and she is a new member of the VS Collective, Victoria’s Secret rebranding effort following revelations about an alleged culture of harassment within the company. She believes that while fashion has benefited from a collective assessment, the work is far from over. In the frenzy that precedes fashion shows, models need breaks to eat and sleep. “I’ve had girls on my lap crying at me at four in the morning, still in fittings for a show when they were supposed to be at another show at 7 in the morning,” she says. “Completely destroyed, hair burned, having eaten nothing, exhausted to the point of shaking. Finally, girls get up on sample sizes, but when I started seven years ago, I couldn’t fit in at Saint Laurent. And I remember a stylist talking about my weight because I couldn’t zip my zipper. Looking back, I think, yes, because a Saint Laurent sample size from the runway just wasn’t a real size for anyone. But then you think there’s something wrong with you, and no one around you says, no, no, it’s okay, don’t worry, it’s a small size. They look at you like that”—she smiles—“I guess we’ll have to put on something else. And you think, I guess that’s me then.

When Bella was 14, she had her nose done. It’s a decision she regrets. “I would have liked to keep the nose of my ancestors,” she says. “I think I would have grown into it.” She was accused of visiting a plastic surgeon with photographs of Carla Bruni, the supermodel and former French first lady to whom she has often been compared. She was accused of having her eyes lifted, her jawline shaved, her lips filled in. She says none of this is true. “People think I completely fucked my face because of a picture of me as a puffy teen. I’m sure you don’t look the same as you did when you were 13, don’t you I’ve never used filler. Let’s put a stop to it. I have no problem with it, but it’s not for me. Anyone who thinks I’m looking up or whatever it is? call, it’s face tape! The oldest trick in the book. I had this impostor syndrome where people made me feel like I didn’t deserve any of that stuff. People always have something something to say, but what I have to say is that I have always been misunderstood in my sector and by the people around me.

In January 2021, Bella had what she calls a burnout. His mood changed. She was not herself. “My immediate response to trauma appeals to people,” she explains. “It literally hurts my stomach if I go somewhere and someone isn’t happy with me, so I always go over the top, but the problem with that is I come home and that I don’t have enough for me. I went manic. I bleached my hair. I looked like a troll doll. Then I dyed it – it looked like a sunrise. This should have been the first Under heavy professional pressure and after weeks of waking up in near-suicidal desperation, she spent two and a half weeks in a treatment program in Tennessee, adding the two pillars of Western psychiatry, speech and medication, to his otherwise holistic regimen. These changed his life. Wellbutrin eased his depression, tightened the tap of tears and made the myriad demands of his career more bearable. The therapy, says -elle, is the greatest gift she has ever given herself. or so long, I didn’t know why I was crying. I always felt so lucky, and that would depress me even more. There were people online saying, you live this amazing life. So how can I complain? I always thought I had no right to complain, which meant I had no right to get help, which was my first problem.

For Gigi Hadid — logic, according to Bella — the desire to intercede has always been tempered by a sense that her younger sister should be allowed to have things her way, which has sometimes meant near collapse. “It was always very difficult, and it still is sometimes, to feel that I could help my sister in her moments of darkness or pain,” says Gigi. “I think it’s always been a journey with loved ones, and we’ve gotten better by not assuming each other knows what we need or what we want. Bella leads with her heart, and that’s beautiful, but you learn the hard way to protect yourself. Most people, myself included, build at least a little wall, after feeling vulnerable in these often unusual life situations. It seems to me that Bella never does. not or that she only lays one brick at a time. During fashion month, for example. Even if it leads to feeling essentially emotionally drained, Bella spends every day backstage, in fittings, with the fans, doing all of this with the most energy and love, while the rest of us are zombies. Because I know she sometimes struggles internally in the midst of all the flashing lights, the big sister in me wants to be protective, but I also know that’s Bella’s magic.

Even without the benefit of his sister’s watchful eye, it’s hard to imagine a person with a larger repertoire of palliatives. Besides medications, supplements, psychotherapy, cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, IV vitamins, muscle testing, meditation and The artist’s path Bella has a living spiritual practice, which includes channeling angels and balancing chakras. While her family was non-religious, she grew up surrounded by the Jewish traditions of her friends and godparents, and she is interested in Islam, her father’s faith. “I’m very spiritual and find that I connect with all religions,” she says. “There’s this my-way-is-the-right thing in human nature, but to me it’s not about my god or your god. I’m kind of appealing to anyone who’s willing to be there for me.

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