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Beginning August 2 to 2021

Two well-known brand names. They have a common goal of quality design and high quality. The common heritage of Eastpak’s military Eastpak along with Alpha Industries is what first brought these both brands to one another. A similar dedication to style, quality and long-lasting design that has led to their first collaboration has led to another. The fight between the two American giants has set an unbeatable standard of practical design that’s different from the norm.

The line incorporates the most well-known designs of Eastpak as well as the iconic design cues of Alpha The collection is comprised of several bags for combat. Built from the same tough nylon shell, it comes with practical features that are reminiscent of the famous MA-1 flight jacket that can be worn by the crew and pilots from the United States Armed Forces. If you really want to make the most from their skills or capabilities, the new helmet bag will protect the straps to ensure you’re protected on streets.

A nod to the rich and rich history which is the foundation of Eastpak as well as Alpha Industries, and a dedication to the uncompromising character that is cultivated within each of the companies.

Padded the”pak’r”

This most well-known and recognisable backpack manufactured by Eastpak hasn’t seen any modifications in its design since its introduction towards the end of the year 1976. The cult collection from Eastpak is, however an updated design. It comes with a tough strap to secure your seat, another high-visibility orange liner, with an embossed logo and pockets for security and the iconic black’ Delete Before Flight ‘zipper that can also be utilized as an accessory to keys. It is available in Alpha Black and Alpha Gray on nylon, and the eye-catching Alpha Camo design in nylon. Alpha Camo print on an unbreakable poly shell. All of them are covered by Eastpak’s 30 year guarantee.


It was developed by Eastpak over the last forty years , it’s now the most sought-after model for a backpack that is light. With durable straps, nylon fabric and the distinctive orange liner and the rubberized logos that are co-branded , you’ll have an armor-grade backpack that lives up to it’s design’s. It’s available in Alpha Black and Alpha Gray on nylon, as well as an eye-catching Alpha Camo design on an all-poly shell. Each of them features Alpha’s signature “Remove prior to leaving” zipper pull that features a red-colored contrasting.


The backpack is now made available In Alpha Black, the minimalist and compact design of the well-known Floid backpack provides the perfect backdrop for the striking contemporary design of this line. Made from extremely durable nylon and straps. It is decorated in the identical orange hue that lines the components with rubber, and the Red “Remove before departure” tag, which was discovered on the first MA-1 Flight jacket. It established the tone of the entire outfit.

Helmet bag

With a waterproof outer shell made of 100% nylon Alpha Black, the all new helmet bag is designed to enhance the characteristics that make up Alpha Industries’ Alpha Industries X Eastpak collection to a greater extent. With two handles to carry it and metallic hardware well-known stitching, contrast lining and an black “Remove prior to leaving” label that refers specifically for the collaborative.

Dog bag

The extra pockets, as well as the additional volume enhance the functions in the Doggy Bag. Doggy Bag Mini Bag. Its combination of Alpha Black nylon shell, orange liner and other design elements that are timeless add the appeal of streetwearers. This is the ideal way to preserve the essence of the legendary collaboration.

About Eastpak

Eastpak has been making bags that aid in moving from 1952 until the present. From being a producer of bags with military grade and travel bags that were made to be used by soldiers of the U.S. Army to a popular lifestyle brand popular with those who work, live and travel. Have fun while on the field. Since 2000, Eastpak was added to the VF portfolio of international brands. We are confident that the same enthusiasm for quality and superiority that Eastpak is well-known for is still evident with its range of chic useful backpacks, backpacks, along with travel accessories and other equipment. Eastpak continues to expand due to the assistance of its loyal customers. Eastpak is the name that is a reference to “Built to last”.

About Alpha Industries

The year was 1959, when Alpha Industries was commissioned by the Department of Defense to design and manufacture top-quality protective clothes and outerwear for the US military. The process began with a factory that was licensed from the City in Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville, Tennessee and a small team. This was the beginning of the original and authentic MA-1 flight jacket that is sought-after by many people today. Through time the company has introduced a range of colors to its original designs or altered the jackets by adding new patterns or patches. However, the jacket’s style and, most important, its capacity to withstand all weather conditions and environment conditions are. It’s the same in all seasons. This is why Alpha Industries quickly became synonymous with the popular MA-1, M-65 and N-3B that sailors, soldiers and airmen rely on to shield them from the harshest conditions on land and in the air. .

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